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The Awkward Moment When You Walk in on a Naked Girl…

11:00 am Time to start pre gaming for my first sorostitute date party right? I’d say so too. Sober Sally and I crack a bottle of the finest liquor knoxville has to offer, Burnette’s; 16 dollars a handle. HEARD THAT. and of course Sally has her own personal bottle of sundrop. Power hour begins and Sober Sally is doing double shots of Sun Drop, she’s getting so hyphy, and i’m just getting straight up weird off this bottle of Burnettes. It’s about that time to go to the real pre game so i run in my room to grab my keys and fake id. i kick open my door like im mothafuckin jackie chan, hit a girl in the back, realize she is naked as fuck, oh wait, this isnt even my room. First of all my eyes with half way shut after pounding all the Burnette’s and i had a half dranken bottle in my right hand and this girl is pinned to the wall by a massive wooden dorm door.. dont even ask me why she was naked standing in the middle of the room. i screamed and ran.. didnt end up getting my keys at all. Me-1 Naked Neighbor-0